Snap Jewelry


It's Interchangeable!

SNAP jewelry is all about versatility. One setting, which we carry in rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, can accommodate endless looks simply by changing out the button that pops into the setting. And... you can do matchy matchy or not. Snaps are interchangeable between settings two and come in two main sizes - "standard" and "petite".

Below you'll find three images of the snap pieces we normally keep in stock. Below that, you'll see our one-of-a-kind snaps! You won't find SNAP buttons like ours anywhere else because they are made from poured acrylic paintings, just like the rest of our jewelry. Click on the Snap Buttons image below to see more of our current selection.

snap bracelets-fancy.jpg
One-of-a-kind Snaps
Custom snap jewelry.jpg