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Every piece of our jewelry and accessories is handcrafted, with no two pieces alike. 
Please contact us if you're looking for something you did not find on our site.
Contact us for custom jewelry orders - for special colors, special events, or that special gift.


Wow - look what we made from slate!

Slate is a metamorphic rock that forms in sheets in small pockets in the Appalachians, and the UK, among others. We get ours from Pennsylvania, Maine, and Virginia - each with its own unique color and properties. Because it is so lightweight and smooth, slate is a perfect surface for jewelry making.


We developed our world exclusive 12-step process of making this unusual jewelry, using the poured acrylic technique to hand paint each earring and pendant, resulting in stunning, organic pieces of wearable art that are unlike anything else in the world! Discover your favorites today!

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