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Yep, I make all this!

I've made over 4000 pieces of our premium artisan jewelry now! Our unusual jewelry is made in a 10-12 step process called poured acrylics. Using this technique, the artist (me!) selects a color palette, then thins each color, and layers them in a cup. The cup is then poured out onto our prepared slate, balsa wood, or as a skin I'll use later under glass.

The process requires two weeks for our glass jewelry and one week for our slate and balsa wood. And each step is important - from choosing archival quality paint and surgical steel settings to going to the various quarries where we hand select our slate. Color combos and how each color is layered in the cup is also critical to the look of each color combo. I will often experiment with the layering to get a look I am after. Once the painting step is done for each type of jewelry, we are only halfway into the process! 

How did I get started making this jewelry?

You're probably like me - you love jewelry and something that is unique, but not super expensive! So when I discovered this technique would allow me to do both - I went nuts! I am in the studio almost every day now, just loving it each and every time, since making this type of jewelry does have what I call "the Forrest Gump effect" - in that I have some control, but I never really know what I'm going to get! That is the fun and challenge of it!


I started experimenting with poured acrylics in 2017, and discovered how to make jewelry with it in 2018. Slate was added the next year, and a men's line called Maverick Man in 2020. (

I love making coordinating pieces for both men and women; even custom pieces for that special event or that special someone. Just contact us with what you need and we'll go from there. Be sure to give me that 3 week window to have time to make your special pieces and get them to you.

I hope you'll come back often... I make something new just about every week. And be sure to sign up for updates of when we have new collections and maybe a special promo! Thanks for stopping by! 

beautiful slate bolo with tiger eye earrings.jpg

Behind the Scenes Videos

In these videos, also found on YouTube, Kat takes you behind the scenes into her studio to show you how this super cool jewelry is made.

Jewelry Under Glass

Slate Jewelry

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