Artist Kat Morris quarries real slate from Rockmart GA, and then, through a 12-step process, creates unique slate jewelry! 


Each piece of slate is carefully selected, split and shaped until it is smooth and lightweight. Then, our poured acrylic technique is individually appled to each piece of primed and prepared slate. Once the backs are painted, the slate goes into the oven for a baked on finish before receiving two coats of glaze. Once dried, embellishments like wirework, Swarovski® crystals and other beads are added to make stunning one-of-a-kind original pieces of jewelry! Nothing else like 'em!


Our Sapphire collection of slate comes from using metallic sapphire blue, purple and gold paints, mixed with black... absolutely stunning!  This pendant hangs 2.5" from a stainless steel bail along with purple iridescent bead, and Swarovski bead. It comes with an 24" satin cord. 

Unusual metallic sapphire blue slate pendant with gold and black

SKU: SL-084
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