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I had to do this!

You’re probably like me - you like to be stylish, but want to wear things that say “ME”, and are relatively, if not completely, unique, without requiring a bank loan!

So... when I came across this newer form of art called “Poured Acrylics” I fell in love with it. When I realized I could make the acrylic paintings as a “skin” and turn pieces of these skins into wearable art, I went nuts!!

Since starting this in 2018, I've used my 12-step process to make thousands of little paintings under glass. Then in 2019 we started experimenting with the same painting technique onto slate we quarry from Rockmart, GA for another unique form of jewelry. Then, in 2020 we introduced our line of men's accessories we call Maverick Man. I just can't stop!

I keep working on new color combinations all the time. and no two pieces of my jewelry are alike. I hope you'll check back often to see what's new!

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What People are Saying

Hilda Shipp,

Buchanon, GA

Kat Morris, I received the Christmas gift that I ordered from you. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding!! I know they will be worn with pride and enjoy the compliments that they will be given. Thank you ...for your craft and friendship.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Customer

I have a pair of Kat's earrings and three of her t-shirts. I love the earrings because they are light and colorfully lively (blend of teal and dark blue). I get so many compliments on them. They are perfect for casual wear and work too.

Because I am a hobby artist, I fell in love with Kat's t-shirt designs that promote artists of yesterday and today. If you know anyone who loves art, makes art, appreciates art, get them a t-shirt. Thanks Kat!

Sharon Beard

Surprise (Phoenix), AZ

I am fortunate to own several pieces of the unique jewelry designed and made by Kat Morris.


The earrings and pendants made from poured painting are exquisite… the flowing color patterns are mesmerizing. I am always complemented when wearing them.

I also have a few of the painted slate pieces, which always elicit oohs and aahs. The purple pendant and earrings are my favorites.

I own a Frida shirt too, which gets a lot of attention and is fun to wear.

Leslie Dybiec,

Columbus, OH